EQlub is more than a club - it's a way of life.

EQlub is a unique and exclusive Mercedes-Benz car- and lifestyle-club with over 2000 owners of some of worlds top electric Mercedes-Benz vehicles. It gives an added value in comparison to other e-cars. You do not just purchase an e-car, you also get to be part of a social network. It gives you the chance to widen your connections and business opportunities and furthermore friendships all over the world.

Inside the EQlub there is a big range of different professions and different cultural backgrounds, but what connects them are their common interests for business, luxury, exclusive events and socializing with other successful personalities.

The main idea of the EQlub is to enable successful businessmen, -women and customers of our EQ community a way to connect, socialize and participate at exclusive events and meetups. We want to offer a platform, which includes different possibilities to inform the members about relevant topics and events. They are also able to share their experiences with EQ services and enable opportunities to improve the way of business.

Welcome to the EQlub!


EQlub is all about eMOTION!






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